ABOUT AFC Software

AFC Software brings a state of the art automated business solution, to support the digital finance transformation, with a high end automated financial platform striving to create a more data-driven environment which supports and benefits the strategic fact-based decisions made within an organization. With a keen focus on developing the CFO’s role and capitalize on the extreme automation which Advanced Analytics brings to the finance department, the AFC Platform will enhance the experience of creating automated consolidation, budgets, and analytics within every organization.


AFC Software for Switzerland

Solitwork | BSgroup Data Analytics

AFC Software rose from the idea of merging Danish technology and finesse with the accuracy and ground solid work from Switzerland. The companies Solitwork and Business Solutions Group Data Analytics saw a potential in the current market, where the experiences and qualities from the two companies could benefit potential clients across Switzerland.

Together we aim to make the finance department within every company act as an active business partner, and to evolve the employees with new skills and talent within the area of advanced analytics for digital finance, with key knowledge and insight in the crucial business data which every company holds.

Imagine, that your data and reports are updated within every second minute with the possibilities to go in-depth with your data to the lowest level of granularity, imagine that you can make decisions based on here and now data instead of monthly old reports, imagine that you could have an insightful partner to help you manage the change of this transformation to become more data-driven and value-adding. This is what the AFC Software brings, a collaboration of strong and insightful experience, with a platform capable of delivering all your needs regarding digital finance.

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We are looking forward to create transparency of all your critical business data across the company.