The evolution of business finance comes in many forms, shapes and technologies. At AFC Software, we strive to evolve business finance through advanced analytics. Through AFC Advanced Analytics, you will be able to utilize on these new technologies with an intuitive platform, which will optimize and empower your digital finance transformation to maintain the high compactivities in the business.

Automate manually processes and become more accurate

The AFC Advanced Analytics module provides you with a total of 6 pre-made models to optimize your business finance process. These models seek to tackle various topics such as Budget forecasting, Churn analysis, Fraud detection, Image recognition, text mining and Anomaly detection. All models are placed within the AFC platform giving you the clear advantages and functionalities known from the platform. It allows automated load of finance data into models with one-click deployment to existing cube. Hereby, making it possible to enrich and combine existing data with model data.

Gain a second opinion with automated algorithms

Imagine, that you as a CFO, are being presented with a forecast on a product line, which is crucial for the overall budget in the organization. To obtain the most accurate result the AFC Advanced Analytics module can be used as a precursor for scenario analysis as well as a second opinion. The results can be directly compared with existing budgets and scenarios analysis through an automated process within the AFC platform.

An intuitive module with a high impact

The module will enable your business controllers to become specialist within advanced analytics, as the models within AFC Advanced Analytics can be dynamically changed to include serval external factors such as weather forecasts, seasonal trends, holidays and other business specific impact drivers. It combines state of the art Machine learning models with business specific input delivered and changed directly from the AFC interface. A Machine learning model can contain more than 300 factors, when creating a prediction for a given product, department or organization to ascertain highest possible accuracy.

AFC Advanced Analytics is the ideal solution for your company

if you seek to:

  • Evolve your business finance and utilize the emerging technologies in you favor
  • Minimize time consumption in currently manual process such as budget and planning
  • Automate internal processes surrounding the business finance department
  • Take preventive steps to maintain existing customers and lower churn rate

Report in any front-end tool

With the Advanced Analytics module, AFC Software will provide you with standardized reports as well, these are made in Power BI, and with the integration of AFC Advanced Analytics into the AFC Platform, all output are pushed back into the known reporting cubes, enabling a new machine learning dimension once during reporting in any front-end tool, counting Power BI, Excel, XLCubed or any other preferable front-end report tool.


  • Transparency – 100% 100% 100%
  • Microsoft standards – 100% 100% 100%
  • highly skilled – 100% 100% 100%

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