With the high pressure to provide accurate, relevant and up to date data, as soon as possible, the CFO’s are constantly looking for tools and business solutions, which are able to help them succeed with this presence task. As a result, this can put a lot of strain on the company’s system capabilities and technological infrastructure.

Financial processes becomes automated

Reduce reaction time in business-critical situations

The AFC Consolidator provides your company with a modern and futuristic consolidation platform that meets the high demands of everyday business life. Financial processes become automated, and tasks surrounding the financial function will be less dependent on people, and consolidation rules such as InterCompany elimination and currency conversion will be taken into account as part of the automated process within the platform. This makes it possible for the company to create the foundation for an organization where the reaction time on a business-critical decision is significantly reduced.

A highly scalable platform

Optimized to your specific needs

AFC Consolidator is an efficient and well-tested business solution, which we have implemented in several of the largest and most complex companies in Denmark. In addition, the platform is highly scalable, so it can be adapted and tailored to your specific needs no matter the size of the company. The platform is built upon Microsoft which means you will receive a platform that can be integrated with all common ERP systems and front-end BI tools.


We support you

It is not just the AFC Consolidator you buy!

Besides being one of Denmark’s best and most stable consolidation platforms, the team behind AFC Software have a great focus on sharing knowledge and experiences with our clients. We believe that technology is only a third of a successful analytics product, in our concerns the people using the platform needs to be aligned and have adopted the platform as well, as all of the organisations business logics and rules should be implemented and automated within the platform, as this will make the platform grow along with the success of the current organisation using AFC Consolidator, as a undisputable business partner providing a more data driven environment.

AFC Consolidator is the ideal solution for your company

if you need to:

  • Automate a complicated and manual consolidation process
  • Create an overview of a complex ownership structure
  • Release resource for more in depth and valuable analysis
  • Manage both internal and external data in one process
  • Achieve user security in a modern environment
  • Reduce dependency on people and eliminate human error

Reporting with AFC Consolidator

Every digital transformation, need a sufficient and powerful front-end tool for reporting the accurate and structured numbers provided by the AFC Consolidator – Based on the platform being built on 100% Microsoft standards the possibilities to connect to the platform are endless, however, we do recommend two highly advanced yet intuitive tools to create your custom corporate reports, where both governance and visual demand goes hand in hand. These are Power BI and XLCubed, front-end tools which we at AFC Software are highly skilled and can provide consultancy and report building on top of AFC Consolidator, such as P&L reports, Management reports, intuitive dashboards and reports for the Board of directors, just to bring some examples. Read more about the two reporting tools right here.

  • DATA Transparency  100% 100%
  • Microsoft standards  100% 100%
  • highly skilled 100% 100%

Ready to get started?

We are looking forward to create transparency of all your critical business data across the company.