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With more than 20 years of combined experience, AFC Software has worked within the sector of Business Intelligence across all of Scandinavia and Switzerland, experiencing business cases with both large and minor companies, we have established a common ground for Business Intelligence solutions.

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Business Intelligence is the material which makes the companies go around, the speedometer to measure the general performance within an organisation. Though Business Intelligence is not something new, historically the matter of BI can be dated back to the 17th century, where data was typed in on papers and stocking was made and counted for, in order to be placed in managment reports. With the revolutionary new technology, Business Intelligence has become more central now than ever for companies all over the world.

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Therefore, AFC Software has a mission on establishing and enhancing organisations and financial department skills and expertise when speaking of digital finance, which properly is one of the most essential parts of an organisations Business Intelligence efforts. With great insights in data, automation of processes and possibility to create updated management reports in near real-time, we believe that this transformation is more available than ever, moving the traditional finance departments towards being a strategic partner to the organisation, capitalizing on the extreme automation in the market.

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With Business Intelligence, and digital finance, the term of Advanced Analytics, where forecasts, risk analysis, fraud detection, automated consolidation reporting, automated internal and external reporting, are a natural aspect of the data-driven business life, AFC Software finds itself, as a trusted advisor and consulting collaborator. Our platform, AFC Consolidator, will act as our point of departure, on this journey ready to help you and your company to become front leaders when speaking of digital finance.

»The unique thing about Solitwork is how agile they are. They reacted really fast and the thoroughness was never compromised. The solution was designed and tailored to our needs and it was up and running after two months which made a huge difference.«

Brian Bo | Head of Global finance, B&O

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