A solution that meets all your demands for reporting

XLCubed is a front-end report tool that allows users to analyse, share and plan critical business activities in a way that is useful and meaningful. It can be recommended to anyone who uses Excel sheets for comprehensive reporting as the tool is integrated with Excel.

We at AFC Software offer XLCubed as a tool that can:

  • Create value enhancing the use of digital finance
  • Establish visibility around capability, focus areas and growth opportunities
  • Secure support concerning strategies and targeted follow ups

Slice and dice your data

XLCubed gives you the opportunity to slice and dice your data, create dynamic grids that can be connected to your elementary data model and be adapted to individual demands for reporting. It also makes the process of analysis, sharing and planning of important business activities optimum.

XLCubed is user friendly as it functions as an add-in to Excel, which means that the users simply get an improved feature in their daily work with Excel.

Why chose XLCubed?

  • As the product is a perfect fit for Finance, with their natural affinity for Excel
  • New functions and formulas in XLCubed can give you flexible and user-friendly reports
  • XLCubed is a true self-serve reporting capability for business users with no specific IT skills
  • XLCubed helps you to visualise your analysis and adds more value to the transparent reports
  • You can easily share your reports and dashboards on all your devices with the XLCubed web app

You will benefit from an extremely user-friendly tool that provides all relevant users in your company with the opportunity to pull reports and easily form an overview in an already know interface from Excel.

Ready to get started?

We are looking forward to create transparency of all your critical business data across the company.